CEI-Inside provides state-of-the-art cloud-based intranet and online training solutions exclusively for the Cannabis industry.

CEI-Inside's web based platform provides the ability for cannabis companies to customize and brand their intranet and training content specifically to their company and market niche.

CEI-Inside's real-time compliance reporting capabilities enables cannabis companies to easily stay compliant as it allows easy administration and tracking of employee safety and other training completion.

CEI-Inside works closely with its clients and provides comprehensive, customized and affordable user friendly communication and training solutions.

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The Team

Meet the CEI-Inside Team!

Glenn Abel

Co-Founder, President

Glenn Abel is the President of CEI-Inside. He is responsible for the sales and customer support teams.

Andrew Wolpe

Co-Founder, CEO

Andrew Wolpe is the CEO of CEI Inside and is responsible for global operations and business development.


Co-Founder, EVP Sales

Liesl Bernard is the EVP of Sales and focuses on the company’s business development and strategic alliances. She started her career as a CPA and has experience in Recruitment and HR Consulting for the Cannabis Industry.

Cannabis Industry Segments

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CEI Inside provides intranet and web based training platform for all areas of the industry including:

  • Retail – Dispensaries and Deliveries
  • Grow Operations
  • Extraction Facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Testing