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Learning Management System

Learn-WiseGo is your highly customizable and intuitive learning platform that allows you to deliver online and blended learning to your employees, partners, and customers.

Learn-WiseGo is a web-based, mobile-repsonsive eLearning platform with the flexibility to meet the different needs of foreign language speakers, countries, regions, divisions, products, and customers.

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Content Management

Learn-WiseGo offers a secure content management system so you can easily add, organize, and deliver content to your audience. You can deliver key information seamlessly to all of your users simultaneously, or you can target specific individuals or groups according to their requirements or permission profiles. The platform supports PDF, PPT, Word, Excel, MP4, image files, and HTML.

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Learn-WiseGo supports SCORM packages including SCORM 1.2 and 2004 (2nd & 3rd editions). Use any major authoring tool to create your own portable eLearning content including Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Lectora, iSpring, and more.

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xAPI Support

Learn-WiseGo supports xAPI so you can track your user's learning on a whole new level. Get more data out of your eLearning modules or gather insights from training that takes place outside of the system such as in a lab or simulator. Talk to us about custom solutions.

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Blending Learning

Mix and match live, in-person training with eLearning modules your users complete on their own. Learn-WiseGo accommodates both live classroom-based and webinar-based training sessions.

Classroom Training

Invite and register trainees for classroom (in-person) trainings. Attach tests and surveys to be completed after the meeting. Record attendance and performance in Learn-WiseGo manually or automatically with a system-generated code.

Webinar Training

Directly invite and register trainees for webinars. Approved attendees can launch the webinar through Learn-WiseGo (nothing to install!). The platform tracks attendance and allows you to attach tests and surveys to be completed after the webinar.

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Excite and motiviate users with a Custom Rewards program that rewards them for completing training. Design your rewards from start to finish including time periods, levels, point sources, and prizes.

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Create your own certificates

Customize your training certificates with your own company logo and custom background. You can create a custom certificate for each training, or use a global certificate for all courses. Users earn the certificate after passing a course, and they can save, download, and print the certificates for their records.

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Learn-WiseGo takes your security seriously. We have implemented industry best practices, including:

  • Authentication and authorization based system access
  • Form based authentication
  • Custom Role and privilege-based system
  • MD5 HMAC Encryption for Passwords, along with Password Salt
  • Strong password policy (i.e. No. of Attempts, Login, Character, Log etc.)
  • Using HTTPS to secure data – validation and encoding
  • Completed 2015 Security Audit to determine any vulnerability of the system (i.e. SQL Injection, XSS, DOM, CSRF etc.)
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Make your Learn-WiseGo site yours. Upload your own logo, customize your site colors, and create custom login and welcome messages.

Your Learn-WiseGo solution can be hosted on an available URL of your choice. We implement the necessary SSL security and launch your site on this branded location.

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Learn-WiseGo App

Learn-WiseGo offers an app so you can deliver company marketing and educational materials to users on their iPad and Android tablets. The files are stored locally, allowing users instant access to resources offline. The app offers high security for company documents as well as the ability restrict access to resources by user profile and deactivate users at any time. You can allow resources to be emailed directly from the app, and you can view usage statistics on all of the materials in the app.

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Learn-Wise offers a comprehensive range of system reports with options to both print and export to Excel. You can filter, search, and sort results by date range, user type, and status.